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Gergosign 1

Gergosign 2

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Gergosign 目录




  • 卷材 宽幅48mm 和 96 mm 
  • 虚线标识 180 x 80 mm
  • 拐角标识 180 x 80 mm
  • 人员标识 735 x 478 mm
  • 人行横道 950 x 240 mm
  • 消防软管卷盘 770 x 480 mm
  • 灭火器标识 480 x 470 mm
  • 紧急出口 900 x 725 mm
  • 双色警示带 900 x 900 mm
  • 防火门警示带 3000 x 450 mm



Industrial floor adhesive tape - News

Industrial floor adhesive tape - News

Gergosign, the range of adhesive floor markings to organize your workshop and warehouse!

Are you looking for an effective and sustainable solution to change your floor marking tape? 

The Gergosign products range is right for you. Excellent alternative to the marking paints, our floor adhesive tapes are quickly installed and last over time despite heavy traffic. 

Gergosign : heavy duty floor marking tapes 

Our high performance floor marking tapes meet the requirements of the Industrial sector (workshop, warehouse etc) and are recognized for their quality and more specifically for their wear and high traffic forklifts resistance.

All our adhesive tapes have been developed and manufactured according to three essential features: 

  • Facilitate installation thanks to their rigidity and the untearable liner
  • Last in time thanks to their heavy duty material and their highest performance on industrial floors (raw and stained concrete, epoxy resin etc)
  • Removal without residue


A wide range of floor adhesive tapes

Our range of floor marking tapes now counts a large variety of products, with a wide range of colours.

It comprises some rolls, yellow - black zebra marking, emergency exit or fire extinguisher and pedestrian crossing.

Gergosign combines all the adhesive solutions for floor marking in order to locate and secure the dangerous and traffic areas.


So do not wait anymore to perfect your floor marking, organize and get your industrial space under control! Choose the best product available on the market.

Feel free to contact us for further advices or information. Do not hesitate to visit our YouTube channel to see all our Gergosign videos.