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Gergotim 2


The use of electronic components is constantly increasing:

  • whether in the automotive market (electric car, autonomous car, connected car, batteries/energy storage, intelligent lighting systems, cameras, in-car infotainment, etc.)
  • or other markets such as consumer electronics, household appliances, electrical equipment, domestic and public lighting.

At the same time, these electronic components are being miniaturized.

The combination of these two trends generates growing needs in terms of thermal interface.


Indeed, all electronic components, when they work, generate heat that must be managed and evacuated. Effective thermal management is the key to improving the reliability/longevity of electronic components and reducing their risk of failure.

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has been providing solutions in this field for more than 15 years, adapted to the most demanding industries.

Our products, grouped within the GERGOTIM range, have a unique and innovative construction. They combine excellent thermal dissipation and electrical insulation properties and offer an extremely competitive price/performance ratio.

GERGOTIM products are manufactured in rolls and can be cut to suit the needs of each application.

Their double-sided adhesive properties allow:

  • a faster and easier assembly process
  • improved performance due to excellent conformability (in contact with 100% of the surface and no risk of air bubbles)


Main advantages of the GERGOTIM solutions: