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Adhesive tape solutions for the food market

Food protection and taste preservation is a major key factor in the Food industry.

In this context, a wide range of packaging options can be considered and one of them is the resealable bags system, making consumption easy and safe.

Different alternatives can be found on the market but double sided adhesive tapes remain an optimal and cost effective solution for a convenient and reliable reclosure.

Focus on our adhesive solutions

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE offers double-sided polyester adhesive tapes whose formulation meets the requirements of the food sector.

Our adhesives 01 3978X5X 23 and 01 3979X6X 23 have been specially developed for the resealable closure of PE and PP bags.

Both references are supplied in long and thin-width rolls in order to simplify integration on production lines and minimize downtime. The adhesive is applied in line during the production process and can be cut simultaneously with the bags.

Main advantages of our adhesives

  • Conforms to food contact standards: 1935/2004/CE, 10/2011/CE, NF EN1186
  • Good cold bonding properties
  • Compatible with the hot wire systems of the common bag machine producers
  • Practical and attractive handling for the end consumer
  • Closure and reopening of the bag up to 10 times
  • Standard rolls available in 900m with two different widths: 12mm and 15mm. Other dimensions on request.
Adhesive tape solutions for the food market


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