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For markets such as automotive electronics, sensors or electrical/electronic components in general, housing ventilation is a major issue.

With 10 years of experience in this field, we manufacture several millions ePTFE adhesive venting membranes each year (GERGOVENT range), perfectly adapted to answer different issues: water and dust intrusion, heat and overpressure evacuation, condensation reduction….

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE is an expert in the die-cutting of technical parts and is recognized worldwide for its know-how as a manufacturer of industrial and technical adhesive tapes.

All of our venting membranes are PFOA free and dicyclohexyl phthalate free. They are available in 2 different shapes (rectangle and circle) and 4 sizes. Thanks to our laboratory and design office, we can also provide bespoke dimensions and specific products.

Gergovent’s venting membranes are usually used in several cases, more specially in automotive field. They are now, between others, used in the two following applications.

SWA (Side Warning Assistant) & BSM (Blind Sport Monitor) sensor:

Dreaded by many drivers, blind spots can be effectively dangerous. Many sensors now exist to limit the risk of accidents and make driving easier, thanks to audible or visual alerts (on the side-view mirror for example). For this application, our venting membranes provide an answer to the issues generally experienced: they protect the electrical devices inside the side-view mirrors and prevent the intrusion of water, dust or dirt, while allowing vapor transmission from the inside.

CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Light):

On the other side, the new generation of CHMSL integrates a LED lighting technology and generates heat during their operation, thus contributing to condensation and pressure changes. Our high performing venting membranes are able to cope with these technical constraints and protect the integrity of the systems.

We can study your project and develop for you the perfectly suited venting membrane, contact us