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New Olinxo Re-Use - News | Gergonne

New Olinxo Re-Use - News

All the professionals on the market are well aware of the problem of dismantling the printing plate.  

Even with the best mounting adhesives providing differential adhesion (reinforced adhesion and tack on the plate side + controlled adhesion on the cylinder side), it is sometimes a real challenge to remove the plate without tearing off the entire adhesive. Any reuse of the mounting adhesive is therefore impossible!  


Gergonne Industrie offers you the opportunity to discover a new patented product that will put a definitive end to these constraints: OLINXO RE-USE




OLINXO RE-USE is easy to use and consists of very thin PET strips that are applied to the joint of the mounting adhesive.  

Its technical properties give it major advantages:

  • the adhesive is secured on the sleeve when the plate is removed and can be reused 
  • the adhesion of the plate is guaranteed
  • the strips are completely invisible during printing




  • Available in 25mm or 40mm width
  • PET, 12 µm thick
  • Carrier: single-sided PET
  • Compatible with all products in the OLINXO double-sided 0.38mm and 0.55mm range


For more details, contact us!