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Our adhesive solutions for airtightness of buildings - News | Gergonne

Our adhesive solutions for airtightness of buildings - News

Gergonne Industrie develops adhesive solutions dedicated to Building applications and has an ultra-modern machinery capability, also suited for adhesive tapes for airtight joining:

- coating lines (maximum width of 2.25m), able to dry high grammages of glue (max 500g/m²)

- automatic cutting unit (setting to the width and length of the rolls)

- rotary die-cutting machines allowing to produce die-cut components (patchs)


Our single sided and double sided adhesive tapes for airtightness are designed from the technical constraints of the sector and/or from the customer specifications (cold-sealing, water resistance, U.V. and ageing resistance, regulation of airtightness).


Main advantages of our adhesive solutions: 

- Possibility of toll-coating of your materials / membranes

- Possibility to split the liner in the middle and/or make finger lift

- Possibility to shrink wrapping of the rolls

- Solvent-free glue / low level of VOC emissions

- Customization of the filmic carrier, the roll core and/or the packaging 


Examples of applications of the different airtight adhesive tapes: 

- Airtight joining in straight line

- Adhesive tape for corner fittings

- Airtight adhesive tape - pipes & sheaths

- Double sided adhesive tape for vapour membrane

- Adhesive tape for ventilation holes

- Adhesive tape for rain membranes