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Our adhesive solutions for extruded profiles - News | Gergonne

Our adhesive solutions for extruded profiles - News

Use of adhesive tapes on extruded profiles:

Companies specialized in the extrusion of plastic profiles work for different markets such as Construction, DIY, Decoration, POS/Display or Electricity.

Extruders offer many finishes in order to meet customers’ needs and requirements in each sector: material, colour, die-cutting, double sided adhesive tape application etc.

It is to meet this last specification that GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has developed some double sided tapes, suitable for all types of plastic profiles.


Focus on our adhesive solutions: 

Our range of high performance adhesive tapes (Gergotape) will allow immediate and fast assembly of all extruded plastic parts.

Double sided foam tapes:

- 3507X0X and 3557X0X (water-based acrylic glue)

- 7540X0X and 7550X0X (rubber glue)

Double sided thin tapes:

- 2413X0X (solvent acrylic glue)


Main advantages of our adhesive tapes:

- Highly conformable

- Excellent adhesion

- Specific thicknesses and densities according to needs

- Optimization of productivity thanks to a presentation in rolls or spooling

- Width and reel length on demand


Examples of adhesive tapes applications on extruded plastic profiles: 

- Double sided tape for electrical raceways

- Double sided tape for corner profiles

- Double sided tape for decorative finishes on windows

- Double sided tape for displays