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We are aware that the surfaces cleaning and disinfection are a major issue for the good management of a cleanroom. In order to help you to keep the cleanliness levels required by regulations, we developed an antimicrobial film which decontaminates 24 hours a day. 

Our adhesive and transparent antimicrobial film CoversafeTM is an excellent complement to biocleaning of cleanrooms and controlled environments. Its use allows to control the surfaces' biocontamination, reduces biocontamination risks and minimizes cleaning rounds. 

Thanks to the unique antimicrobial properties provided by the natural technology Pylote (patent pending), CoversafeTM decontaminates continuously and permanently all types of high touch surfaces (door handles, tables, support ramp, SAS button etc.). 

Choose CoversafeTM for: 

  • Its efficiency: broad-spectrum efficiency (viruses, bacterias, germs, moulds)
  • Its permanence: stable action (tested over 4 years)
  • Its security: natural technology, free of metal ions and nanoparticles, food contact approved 
  • Your health: no release, PVC and plasticizer free, biocompatible 

With this antimicrobial film, reduce the presence of microbes in your cleanrooms. CoversafeTM has been tested in real situation, on identical surfaces equipped and non-equipped with the antimicrobial film and has demonstrated a major reduction in the number of micro-organisms.  

This product is available in rolls (4 widths) or in pre-cuts shapes for your door handles. We can also offer on-demand cutting in order to facilitate installation. 

If you want further informations, contact us!



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