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Our adhesive floor marking range Gergosign answer safety, organization and optimization issues encountered by most industrial manufacturers. It gathers a wide choice of adhesive tapes (shapes and colors) 3 times thicker than standard market products (250µ). They could help you in:

  • storage and traffic areas delimitation
  • flows and important spaces identification (emergency exists, fire extinguisher, etc.)

Even if they resist perfectly over time on all types of floors (raw or stained concrete, epoxy resin, etc.), the removal remains simple and easy. Our adhesive floor marking can be removed without glue residue even after several years. It is therefore no longer necessary to scrape off the adhesive residue and the removal time is thus divided by 10! Watch our removal video bellow!

Choosing Gergosign it's choosing an optimal global cost (from purchase, passing by the installation and lifespan until removal). So go right now for the best product available on the market.

Click here to discover all our adhesive floor marking range and choose the product which fits your need perfectly. Our arrows and waiting line adhesive tapes are still available in various colors for helping you to respect social distancing or traffic direction for example.

If you want to test the quality of our products by yourself, contact us and we will send you a sample in the color of your choice.



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