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Our adhesive solutions for wall paneling

The markets of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) and Interior Decoration offer more and more original and innovative solutions. Hence, wallcoverings manufacturers propose an increasingly large range of products, both in terms of the materials used (wood, PVC, composite etc.), colors and aspects.

The current trend of these markets is clearly to facilitate the installation and the implementation of the products in order to reach amaximum of consumers (even the less experienced ones).

That is why, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has developed high performance double-sided adhesive solutions at very competitive price levels.


Focus on our adhesive solutions:


With its know-how and expertise for more than 50 years, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE manufactures double-sided adhesive tapes made of solvent-free acrylic glues, with excellent aging resistance.

  • Thin and comformable wall paneling: Double sided scrim tape 3996X7X & 3990X2X
  • Rigid wall paneling: Double sided foam tape 3507X0X, 3557X0X & 3550X2X


Main advantages of our adhesive: 


    • Solvent-free adhesive tapes for a better respect of the environment and the indoor air quality
    • Highly conformable adhesive tapes
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Optimization of productivity thanks to a presentation in rolls or spooling
    • Width and reel length on demand
    • Possibility to customize the paper liner to the customer’s brand




Our adhesive solutions for wall paneling


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