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1st market launch of PYLOTE's natural antimicrobial protection technology.

  • Commercial launch of COVERSAFETM , a new antimicrobial adhesive film, unique in the world, effective against coronaviruses and bacteria.
  • 1st market launch of PYLOTE's natural antimicrobial protection technology
  • Natural and biocompatible technology: no danger for the skin
  • Triple continuous protection (24h/24h): 1/ Viruses (including coronavirus) 2/ Bacteria 3/ Yeast and moulds
  • Fast, stable and permanent action with effectiveness tested in an independent laboratory on human coronavirus 229E (90% in 1 hour; >99.9% in 24 hours) and on bacteria ( >99.999% in 24 hours).
  • 1st customers already delivered: Industrial and biotech/health companies, retail, schools - Available for sale
  • Main applications envisaged: tables (meetings, restaurants, offices), counters/wickets, door handles, switches, stair railings, handrails, handrails, automatic kiosks and payment terminals.
  • A successful example of a Made in France industrial and commercial partnership combining the expertise and innovation of two French companies at the forefront of their technologies

Toulouse/Oyonnax (France), June xx, 2020 - PYLOTE, a specialist in mineral and ceramic industrial chemistry, and GERGONNE INDUSTRIE, manufacturer and converter of technical adhesive tapes, announce the launch of COVERSAFETM, a new adhesive film, unique in the world, with PYLOTE's natural antimicrobial surface protection technology, effective in particular against coronaviruses and resistant bacteria.

The two companies announced today the delivery of the first COVERSAFETM adhesive films to their first customers. These are industrial companies in the service industry, biotechnology, medical devices, treatment of infectious risk waste or ophthalmological surgery, which are all particularly sensitive to the issues of surface protection and antimicrobial protection. They are also businesses, such as pharmacies or restaurants. Finally, they are public establishments such as a nursery school or a nautical center. These first customers include:

  • FLASH THERAPEUTICS (Toulouse-31), a gene therapy company that develops gene and cell therapies.
  • AMBIOTIS (Toulouse-31), the first contract research organization (CRO) worldwide working on the active resolution of inflammation, providing services adapted to pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic, agro-food/nutraceutical industries to evaluate the potential of their molecules at preclinical or clinical stages of development.
  • SGH HEALTHCARING Group (Saint Marcellin-38), a designer or medical subcontractor of innovative medical devices.
  • TESALYS (Saint Jean -Toulouse-31), a company that develops cutting-edge solutions for the treatment of infectious risk waste.
  • CUTTING EDGE (Montpellier 34), an ophthalmologic surgery company manufacturing intraocular implants.
  • LOCACUISINES (Toulouse-31), the French leader in kitchen rentals and mobile kitchens.
  • The restaurant LA RÉSERVE in Oyonnax (01).
  • The Haut Bugey Robert Sautin NAUTICAL CENTER in Oyonnax (01).

This new antimicrobial adhesive film is now available to many public and private customers and is the perfect answer to safety, hygiene and user comfort issues. Its main applications are in the equipment of tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters/counters, door handles, switches, handrails, automatic kiosks and payment terminals.

The main property of this adhesive film is the maintenance of microbiological hygiene throughout the life of the surfaces to which it is applied. It does not present any risk for users, including young children. Activated by PYLOTE's technology, it has an immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination action (PYLOTE's technology has been tested for more than 4 years without loss of effectiveness), particularly against viruses and bacteria, and helps to combat the spread of COVID-19 as well as other hand-borne infections.

These COVERSAFETM adhesive films have been industrially qualified and tested against coronaviruses and bacteria in the Fonderephar laboratory (COFRAC certification) according to the methodologies of the ISO 21702 standard adapted for human coronavirus strain 229E and those of the JIS Z 2801 standard adapted for bacteria. Surfaces of COVERSAFETM adhesive films activated by the PYLOTE technology were thus compared with control surfaces of the same nature but without the technology:

  • After only one hour of activation by the PYLOTE technology, the results on COVERSAFETM films showed a logarithmic reduction of the viral load of 0,95 log, corresponding to a disappearance of nearly 90% of infectious virions.
  • After 24 hours of activation, the log reduction in viral load was 3,3 log, corresponding to a disappearance of more than 99.9% of infectious virions.
  • After 24 hours of activation by PYLOTE technology, results on COVERSAFETM films showed a log reduction in the number of bacteria of 5.7 log, corresponding to a disappearance of nearly 99.9999% of bacteria on surfaces.

The COVERSAFETM film is available for sale today. For more information, please contact us

Loïc Marchin, CEO of PYLOTE, commented on this announcement "I am particularly pleased to have GERGONNE as our industrial and commercial partner for the first market launch of our natural antimicrobial surface protection technology. Our technology is particularly suited to living spaces in general, such as nurseries, schools, shops, businesses, administrations, clean rooms, hospitals or retirement homes. This first market launch of our technology illustrates our development around two major axes: making finished products safer, cleaner and greener, and better protecting environments against antimicrobial risks, including the ability to eliminate contamination in living areas and better respond to the problems of transmission by surface contact. All of our employees are very proud to participate, with a technology that we have been developing for 10 years, in controlling the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria and to play an active role in the fight against this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Bertrand and Charles Gergonne, Managing Directors at GERGONNE INDUSTRIE added: "Since our first contact with the PYLOTE teams in mid-April, we have worked hard together to develop a truly unique product. We are proud to use a revolutionary French technology and to combine it with the very strong know-how of our teams in the field of adhesive solutions. To combat this health crisis, we lacked masks and tests, but we now have a 100% French European solution, unique in the world to our knowledge, to treat the risk of viral and bacterial spread through surfaces. COVERSAFETM is a product that makes it possible to work and live more safely, and to avoid the risk of a resumption of the pandemic we are experiencing. GERGONNE INDUSTRIE and its employees are proud to participate in the joint effort to enable a much-needed resumption of economic activity".



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