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Antimicrobial adhesive film

CoversafeTM is a self-adhesive film with outstanding anti-microbial properties. It can be easily applied to all types of surfaces, such as tables and door handles. Effective against viruses (including the SARS-COV2 responsible for the COVID 19), bacteria, yeasts and molds, CoversafeTM strongly limits the spread of viruses and bacteria and protects humans.

The CoversafeTM antimicrobial film is developed and marketed by GERGONNE INDUSTRIE. It incorporates the natural and revolutionary technology of the PYLOTE company. 

Notre film antimicrobien CoversafeTM est par ailleurs parfaitement adapté à une utilisation en environnements contrôlés / salles propres et permet de mieux contrôler la biocontamination des surfaces. Plus d'infos par ici !  

The main advantages of the COVERSAFETM adhesive film:

  • a continuous triple protection (24 hours a day): viruses (including SARS-COV2); bacteria; yeast and molds
  • a rapid action (example on: 

- coronavirus 229E: 90% in 1 hour; >99.9% in 24 hours

- coronavirus SARS-COV2: 96% in 1 hour

- coronavirus Variante Delta SARS CoV-2 Strain 718: 92% in 1 Stunde

  • a permanent action over the time, without loss of efficiency (tested over 4 years)
  • a natural and biocompatible technology, without releasing: no danger for the skin
  • food contact certified
  • understated once applied : thin (total thickness: 0,14mm), transparent and matt
  • easy installation and removal without leaving residue
  • can be cleaned with usual cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of the antimicrobial activity

Five sizes are available:

  • roll of 1490mm x 2.9m (4.32 sqm) 
  • roll of 1490mm x 30m (44.7 sqm)
  • roll of 490mm x 15m (7.35 sqm)
  • roll of 690mm x 12m (8.28 sqm)
  • handle shape 165mm x 70mm (registered design)

All of CoversafeTM products are delivered with 1 application squeegee (for rolls), 1 user manual and some highlighting labels.

Sales brochure Coversafe

Coversafe user manual

Coversafe user manual - Handle sheet

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Our installation videos for COVERSAFETM

  • Installation video for the flat surfaces with wet method (widths over 300mm)

  • Installation video for the flat surfaces with dry method (widths less than 300mm)



  • Installation video for door handles


  • In situ tests in real conditions carried out by Bureau Veritas - Discover the video  

  • Tests in real conditions of use - Discover the results in video  

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