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Olinxo, our POST-PRINT solutions

Aware of the technical and quality requirements for the corrugated cardbaord packaging printing, we haveexpanded our existing range of adhesive flexo mounting tapes.

Olinxo provides some foam tapes solutions for high quality Post-Print process. This range of products includes 5 different thicknesses to guarantee printing results that meet your expectations.

Post-Print solutions adapted to repro-house and printers

Olinxo develops high-quality products in order to help industry professionals optimize their costs, remain competitive and improve the visual quality of their printings.

  • Repro-house - advantages of our solutions

Reduce the thickness of your flexographic plates thanks to the Post-Print Olinxo foams and benefit from several advantages:

- Thinner printing plate and engraving depths, limiting the use of solvents

- Engraving speed increase

- Overall cost reduction

  • Printers - advantages of our solutions

Take advantage of the technical features and the highquality Post-Print foams, to:

- Improve printings accuracy

- Target the most demanding markets of the corrugated board sector (precise and complex visuals, included for large formats and big volumes)


Our Post-Print solutions are available in 5 different thicknesses and colors, to avoid any confusion or mistake, and also in 2 versions:

  • Self-adhesive Post-Print foams
  • Post-Print foams laminated on PET


Add value to your printings and choose Olinxo products!

Olinxo, our POST-PRINT solutions


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