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Optimal solution for wearable medical devices

After several series of human wear studies and in-house testings, Gergonne has designed a suitable and reliable solution for wearable medical devices and wounds protection.

The product is made from Gergonne M031 (polyurethane carrier coated on both side with acrylic adhesive, perforated) and M391B15 (thin highly breathable PU film). Both references are available in the Adhecare® range Adhecare®.


Major advantages:

The requirements of a skin interface adhesive are numerous and stringent, especially when long term wearable devices are involved.

The combination of the Gergonne’s products M031 and M391B15 therefore provides many benefits such as:

  • an extended wear time, allowed thanks to:

- a high performance acrylic formulation (Gergonne biocompatible grade MS1)

- a very good conformability (follows the body and skin movements without peeling off)

- a smooth top surface (low coefficient of friction: 0.30, no rubbing against clothes)

  • a comfortable and easy wear on a daily basis

- very good flexibity, forget it once you wear it!

- no need to change the product after a shower or a bath

  • a very good breathability

- no moisture accumulation (MVTR > 6500g/m²/24h)

  • an easy application

- no carrier to remove after application

  • a good waterproof protection and bacterial barrier
  • a discreet solution

- product available in transparent or skin colour

  • a painless removal

- atraumatic removal by stretching (like polyurethane frame dressings)


For more details, contact us !

Optimal solution for wearable medical devices


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