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Our adhesive solutions for tactile slabs and studs

Use of tactile studs and slabs (indoor applications)

The tactile studs or slabs, as well as the guidance aid strips, are generally used in all the establishments open to the public in order to delimit some vigilance awareness areas.

These systems will indeed help to prevent the presence of a danger for blind or partially sighted people, thanks to a visual and tactile contrast in 3D.

In interior applications, the tactile studs and slabs are usually installed at the top of a flight of stairs. Regarding guidance strips, they are placed in all the moving and access areas.


Focus on our adhesive solutions

They are two ways to fix your tactile systems on the ground: with screws or adhesives.

In order to meet this second alternative, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has developped some high performance adhesive solutions, with a very good conformability and adhesion but also an excellent tack.

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE offers two types of adhesive tapes, for interior applications:

  • Double sided foam tapes (references 7533X2X, 7543X9X and 7583X9X) for tactile studs or slabs and guidance strips made of steel
  • Double sided scrim tapes (references 3990X2X and 3996X2X) for tactile slabs and guidance strips made of rubber or PVC.


Main advantages of our adhesive tapes 

  • Easy and quick laying of the adhesive
  • No risk of soiling for the tactile products or the floor
  • Immediate laying (no waiting time)
  • Can be cut in rolls or into the format required
Our adhesive solutions for tactile slabs and studs


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