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The miniaturization of electronic components and their use is constantly increasing :

  • in the automotive market (electric cars, autonomous cars, connected cars, batteries/energy storage, smart lighting systems, cameras, in-vehicle infotainment, etc.)
  • in other markets such as household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical equipment and home and public lighting

In addition, electronic components are becoming smaller and smaller and are being housed in smaller spaces. The heat generated by electronic systems is therefore increasing, as well as the risk of damage to the components.

This trend generates needs in terms of thermal dissipation and thermal interface materials (TIM) are required.

GERGONNE offers a range of thermally conductive adhesives specifically designed to improve the reliability/longevity of electronic components and reduce their risk of failure.

Our adhesive thermal interface solutions, part of the GERGOTIM range, have a unique and innovative construction and guarantee very good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

Our adhesives guarantee excellent thermal management and ensure reliable heat transfer between heat-generating electronic components and cooling devices such as fans or heat sinks (radiators).


GERGOTIM thermal interface adhesive tapes are manufactured in rolls and can be cut to fit each application.

Their double-sided adhesive properties allow :

  • a faster and easier assembly process
  • improved performance due to excellent conformability (100% surface contact and no risk of air bubbles)

Main advantages of the GERGOTIM solutions:

  • Excellent thermal dissipation combined to excellent electrical insulation
  • Excellent conformability for a precise and clean application with no risk of air entrapment
  • Thickness of the final mounted component under control (compared to thermal grease or liquid solutions)
  • No waiting time and no curing process during the application
  • Bespoke solutions (can be die cut into a wide variety of forms and dimensions)
  • Easy and cost-effective application with manual or automated assembly method (high volume and speed) 
  • Cost control solution for the customer (compared to the risk of hidden expenses with grease or liquid solutions) 
  • Low investment for the customer with only die-cutting tool (compared to high cost of mixing / dispensing equipment for liquid or paste solutions)
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