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Gergotape, the range of technical and industrial adhesive tapes

Our GERGOTAPE range will answer all your issues, even the most demanding.

As a adhesive tapes manufacturer, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has developed a wide range of single sided and double sided adhesive tapes, offering several types of liners, adhesives and carriers, in order to meet the Industry needs as best as possible.  

Thanks to our coating lines, we are able to propose large double sided adhesive tape, up to 2100 mm.


Focus on the GERGOTAPE adhesive tapes 

  • Transfer tape: double sided transfer tape, without carrier, very reliable with an excellent conformability
  • Double sided scrim tapes: have the same quality than a transfer tape, while offering excellent stretch resistance; completely conforms to irregular surfaces such as foams
  • Double sided foam tape: perfectly suitable for rigid part bonding (like car badge, mirror…), with an high conformability
  • Double sided non-woven tape: ideally suited for die-cutting of components in many industries, can be torn by hand and adapted to irregular shapes or surfaces
  • Double sided polyester tape: very good rigidity and stretch resistance; ideal for the mounting of delicate parts and suitable for long or large parts thanks to its stretch resistance
  • Removable single sided tape: widely used for the parts protection
  • Removable double sided tape: allow to bond permanently (open side) and to be removed without any residue (closed side)
  • Double sided polypropylene tape: thin adhesive tape with a good conformability, can not be torn by hand
  • Double sided cloth tape: solid and flexible adhesive tape, successfully used in high precision industries­ 


GERGONNE INDUSTRIE remains a recognized expert in industrial adhesive tapes and customized adhesive tapes. 

It is the technical adhesive tapes manufacturer to work with to find an adapted and reliable answer to satisfy all your requirements! 

Gergotape, the range of technical and industrial adhesive tapes


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