Gergovent 2


For markets such as automotive electronics, sensors or electrical/electronic components in general, housing ventilation is a major issue.

The functioning of electrical or electronic components generates heat and an increase in pressure inside the housing.

This overpressure and heat must be evacuated efficiently, to avoid serious damage to the components themselves or to the housing gaskets.

The venting membranes proposed by GERGONNE INDUSTRIE have been designed to meet this problem, while guaranteeing the absence of water or dust intrusion (from the outside environment to the inside of the housing).

Each year, GERGONNE manufactures several million ePTFE venting membranes and groups its standard solutions within the GERGOVENT range.

By carrying out tests in our laboratory, we know how to select the venting membranes most suitable for the market's needs and control their performance (air flow rate, MVTR, water intrusion pressure, climatic and thermal cycle, etc.).


Our GERGOVENT venting membranes are PFOA-FREE and respond to many problems such as:

  • water and dust intrusion
  • heat and overpressure evacuation
  • moisture evacuation to avoid condensation

Our ePTFE membranes are used, for example, in automotive lighting applications (front and rear lights), electronic computers/cards, cameras, small electric motors (e.g. window lifter motor).