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The industrial world is very wide, that's what makes our job so interesting! 

Every day, we answer various requests from companies wishing to integrate an industrial tape or a self-adhesive (or not) die-cut part in their product. 

Often invisible, GERGONNE technical adhesive tapes are part of your daily life: in your ski mask, your cheese bag, your radiator, your carpentry, your cell phone, your refrigerator, etc...

Our strength lies in our ability to master a wide range of skills: formulation, coating, laminating, roll cutting or pre-cut pieces, packaging.

GERGONNE has the advantage of having an ultra modern and multi-technology machine park. We have a perfect mastery of several cutting technologies (flatbed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, etc.), which enables us to meet the multiple needs of our customers: small to large series, thin or thick products, small to very large parts. 

In order to succeed in complex developments, while preserving industrial property, it is important for our customers to have a single partner with a wide range of know-how, rather than having to rely on several suppliers. This allows our customers to benefit from competitive prices while having the advantages of working with a manufacturer: control of quality, durability and the ability to technically evolve the product.

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