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GERGONNE floor marking tapes have been developed to help companies secure, organize and optimize their spaces (factories, warehouses etc.).

The 5S and Lean methods are therefore easy to apply thanks to our GERGOSIGN industrial floor marking tapes.  

The floor signage of your workshops becomes a real child's play with our high-performance floor tapes that are also easy to install and durable over time.

GERGONNE's safety floor marking tapes offer excellent adhesion to all types of floors and resist 3 times more to high wear and tear than similar products on the market.

Storage areas, traffic areas, danger zones, flow identification... configure or reconfigure all your industrial spaces with GERGOSIGN!

GERGOSIGN's floor marking tapes:

Instruction manuals

Click here to view all of our Gergosign instructions for installation.



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Video of Gergosign floor markings tapes:

The installation of our heavy duty floor marking tapes is extremely simple and does not require any downtime.                                                                                      

Video of Gergosign floor markings removal:

GERGOSIGN's floor markings have the great advantage that they can be removed without leaving any residue, even after several years. 

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