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Whether by professionals or private individuals, the use of self-adhesive components in the building industry has increased significantly in recent years for the following reasons:  

  • the new thermal regulations concerning insulation require better performances for the buildings and thus the use of additional means of insulation
  • new construction methods, such as wood-frame houses (MOB), are creating new needs
  • building professionals and individuals are looking for new products to save time on building sites, reduce installation and drying times, and use products with very low VOC emissions 
  • the use of liquid solvent-based adhesives is increasingly prohibited (for health reasons and risk of explosion during installation) in favor of adhesive solutions called "dry adhesives"


GERGONNE's experience in the manufacture of adhesive tapes, laminating and cutting of flexible materials is a perfect answer to these concerns. 

We master the bonding constraints specific to this market (humidity, temperature, dust), whether on walls, floors or ceilings. Our laboratory is at the disposal of our customers to carry out mechanical tests (peeling, cohesion, tearing) but also tests in real conditions of use.

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