GERGONNE INDUSTRIE is striving to provide reliable and sustainable flexo adhesive tapes by integrating the latest innovation of foam and adhesive in order to fullfil the growing needs of the flexographic and Post-Print flexographic markets.

The Olinxo flexo foam tapes integrate the latest generation of high resilience PE foam. They consist of two different ranges:


Flexo Double-Sided Adhesives Mounting tapes

  • Olinxo double-sided tape flexo - 0.43mm
    - Range of products in 0.43mm thick
    - Foams in 3 different hardness levels: soft, medium and firm.
    - Available in reinforced adhesion
    - Ideal for printing of labels
  • Olinxo double-sided tape flexo- 0.55mm
    - Range of products in 0.55mm thick
    - Foams in 5 different hardness levels: soft, medium soft, medium, medium firm and firm..
    - Available in reinforced and standard adhesion
    - Ideal for printing on flexible packaging & paper and cardboard packaging

These double sided flexo tapes used for the mounting of flexo plates offer several advantages:

  • Combination of adhesive and liner for easy positioning and bubble free mounting 
  • Perfect adhesion 
  • Residue free removal and preserved plate integrity (no stretching)

Olinxo Re-Use, For The Reuse Of The Mounting Adhesive

Patented product and easy to use, OLINXO RE-USE which consists of very thin PET strips that are applied to the joint of the mounting adhesive.

Its technical properties give it major advantages:

  • the adhesive is secured on the sleeve when the plate is removed and can be reused
  • the adhesion of the plate is guaranteed
  • the strips are completely invisible during printing


OLINXO RE-USE is compatible with all the double-sided flexo tapes references in 0.38mm and 0.55mm. Make you flexo tapes reusable thanks to Olinxo RE-USE !

Single-Sided Post Print Foam Tape

  • Olinxo Single Sided flexo tape
    - Post-Print cushioning foam tapes
    - An adhesive solution adapted to the preparation of the flexographic plates, used in Post Print process
    - Range of products in 5 thicknesses
    - Particularly suitable for the bonding on PET supports

This range of single sided foam tapes for Post Print process are characterized by :

  • Acrylic adhesive especially selected for an easy bubble-free application 
  • A perfect adhesion print runs after print runs. 
  • An optimal printing quality


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