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In order to meet the needs of the most demanding and diversified industries, GERGONNE has developed a wide range of technical industrial adhesive tapes.

The GERGOTAPE range offers products held in stock in the form of rolls ready for sale or jumbos ready to be transformed on request (logs, precut rolls, spools, precut pieces).

GERGOTAPE offers a wide variety of adhesive solutions in terms of construction to meet the needs of the most demanding and diversified industries:

  • Types of glue: water-based acrylic, solvent acrylic, natural or synthetic rubber. The GERGOTAPE range includes different adhesive technologies (SEAtech, WRAtech, LPCtech). 
  • Types of carriers: double sided transfer tape, double sided cloth tape, double sided grid tape, double sided polyester or polypropylene tape, double sided non-woven tape, double sided PE foam tape and double sided acrylic foam tape...
  • Types of liner: siliconized papers, siliconized PP film 

Focus on the characteristics of our adhesive tapes:

  • Transfer tape
    Does not have a carrier it is malleable and easily pliable. It also offers ease of application on all kind of materials.
  • Double-sided scrim tape
    The scrim carrier offers the same pliability and malleability as a transfer while at the same time offering excellent stretch resistance.
  • Double-sided foam tape
    The foam carrier provides excellent conformability which is required for mounting or assembly on all kind of surfaces both irregular and uneven.
  • Double-sided non-woven tape
    The non-woven carrier affords excellent pliability and malleability in adapting to irregular shapes or surfaces.
  • Double-sided polyester tape
    A polyester carrier offers excellent tear and stretch resistance for delicate parts.
  • Removable single-sided tape
    The polyester carrier offers a good abrasion and scratch resistance 
  • Removable double-sided tape
    The polyester carrier offers a migration barrier between the adhesives on either side, which ensures the quality of the adhesive tape over a long period of time.
  • Double-sided polypropylene tape
    The polypropylene carrier is supple: it adapts easily to irregular surfaces. The carrier is thin but affords excellent resistance to stretching and may not be torn by hand.
  • Double-sided cloth tape
    The cloth carrier offers a strong and uniform thickness for excellent hold of the product

Focus on our double-sided acrylic foam tapes

To meet our customers' needs, we have developed double-sided acrylic foam tapes (AFT) in transparent or grey versions, based on LPCtech technology.

The main features of our acrylic foam tapes are the following:

  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.25 to 2mm
  • Good adhesion and cohesion on all types of substrates (high and medium energy surfaces)
  • Excellent resistance to temperature, UV and ageing
  • Viscoelastic product allowing an excellent conformability and a high resistance to the dilatation of substrates
  • Removal without residue
  • Invisible fixation (transparent version)

Gergonne's double sided acrylic foam tapes allow materials with very different properties and expansions to be bonded together under very extreme conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

The quality of our acrylic foam tapes makes them perfectly adapted to the demanding constraints of the Automotive, Construction or Industry markets.