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Trust us with your laminating operations and make sure to get a quality product. At Gergonne Industrie, we will adhesive all your materials for floor coverings, wall coverings or laminated panels. 

Whether it be for flexible materials (in rolls) or rigid materials (in sheets), our modern and efficient production facilities allow to meet all your needs: 

  • Short length lamination: rolls of 10 to 100m (depending on the thickness of the material), maximum diameter of 450mm (machine entry and exit), small to very large series (500 to 100000m²/month)
  • High length lamination (jumbo): heavy weight rolls (up to 2 tons), diameter at machine entry 1500mm and at machine exit 1200mm, small to very large series (500 to 100000m²/month)

    We can laminate (on one or both sides) various raw materials with widths between 100mm and 2100mm, including yours (technical films, cellular materials, felts, textiles...).

    In order to perfectly meet your needs, we can also make specific labelings or converts the materials in our die-cutting workshops before shipping. 

    So don't hesitate any longer, entrust us with your materials, we will take care of the rest. Contact-us to get more information or advices about your project. 



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