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Our silicone adhesive tapes (or silicone splicing tapes) offer a good adhesion on all kinds of materials and more notably allow you to realise splices on silicone surfaces (silicone paper or silicone film for example), or to fix silicone foam or silicone profiles.

Our product range is composed of single-sided and double-sided silicone tapes references.

Our single-sided silicone tapes differ in colour (red, green and blue) and technical properties. Our single-sided blue silicone tapes has the advantage of having an anti-adhesive backside film (perfect for the splicing operations on adhesive rolls etc.).

Our laboratory formulates our own adhesive silicone tapes and carry out tests to ensure a optimized bonding on your silicone surfaces.

Characteristics and advantages :

  • High bonding capacity on siliconized surfaces and LSE (Low Surface Energy) plastics
  • Resists high temperatures, external conditions, chemical agents, ageing
  • Removable without residue
  • Color coding for easy product identification

Available in logs,rolls or in pull-tabs. Pull-tabs allow easy removal of silicone paper on die-cut components, and can also be used as flagging to identify a defective area in a roll.