Wearable/drug delivery devices

Wearable/drug delivery devices

Wearable medical devices have been developing for several years to help patients manage chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) on a daily basis. Whether they are portable monitoring devices or drug administration devices, they all require high reliability in their use.

GERGONNE's medical adhesive tapes are used to secure wearable devices to the skin, even for extended use (up to 7 days). Their technical properties (conformability, moisture resistance, biocompatibility, etc.) make our adhesive tapes ideal solutions for user comfort.

As each wearable medical device is unique, contact GERGONNE to develop the perfect component for your application. 

Insulin pump patch

  • Soft non-woven patch for insulin pump 
<ul><li>Soft non-woven patch for insulin pump&nbsp;</li></ul> <ul><li>Soft non-woven patch for insulin pump&nbsp;</li></ul>
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