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Our wide range of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tape are varied in nature and construction to meet the needs of all industries.


The types of glue:

  • Solvent acrylic
  • Water-based acrylic
  • Natural and synthetic rubber


The types of carrier:

  • Transfer
  • Cloth
  • Scrim
  • PP
  • Non-woven
  • Foam
  • PET


The types of liner:

  • Siliconized papers
  • Siliconized PP film

With 67 references, the GERGOTAPE product range offers products from stock either in rolls ready for sale or in jumbos for converting requests :

  • Transfer tape
    Does not have a carrier it is malleable and easily pliable. It also offers ease of application on all kind of materials.
  • Double-sided scrim tape
    The scrim carrier offers the same pliability and malleability as a transfer while at the same time offering excellent stretch resistance.
  • Double-sided foam tape
    The foam carrier provides excellent conformability which is required for mounting or assembly on all kind of surfaces both irregular and uneven.
  • Double-sided non-woven tape
    The non-woven carrier affords excellent pliability and malleability in adapting to irregular shapes or surfaces.
  • Double-sided polyester tape
    A polyester carrier offers excellent tear and stretch resistance for delicate parts.
  • Removable single-sided tape
    The polyester carrier offers a good abrasion and scratch resistance 
  • Removable double-sided tape
    The polyester carrier offers a migration barrier between the adhesives on either side, which ensures the quality of the adhesive tape over a long period of time.
  • Double-sided polypropylene tape
    The polypropylene carrier is supple: it adapts easily to irregular surfaces. The carrier is thin but affords excellent resistance to stretching and may not be torn by hand.
  • Double-sided cloth tape
    The cloth carrier offers a strong and uniform thickness for excellent hold of the product